About Us

About Us

Daily Nobobarta is a Bangladeshi new media. We publish text, audio, and video content in this convergence platform with our journalistic ethics, honesty, and professionalism. Our journey started on 01 May 2021. Along with our editor Aminul Islam Rudra, a well-reputed writer, prominent guests like Jayed Husain Lucky, Subrata Debnath, and M Nazrul Islam attended our online-based inaugural program from Daily Nobobarta publisher Aminul Islam Rudra. From the very beginning, we have won the hearts of the readers and viewers with quality content. Day by day, the wave of popularity is increasing; it is visible in our social media.

Our Mission

In Bangladesh, convergence media is a modern concept, and Daily Nobobarta , entirely a convergence media, is trying to carry and disseminate that idea. By practicing and flourishing this new media type in Bangladesh, we want to begin a new kind of journalism in this country.

Our Vision

We want to make our convergence media trustworthy with objective news. We want to make our media popular by creating infotainment-based original content.